Tuesday, 28 June 2011

IRAN: "The Americans Have Reduced Our Labors"

"The Americans have reduced our labors," Hajizadeh (Head of Revolutionary Guards aerospace division) told Fars. "Their military bases in the region are in a range of 130, 250 and maximum 700 km in Afghanistan which we can hit with these missiles." ...  The 'Great Prophet 6' war games, to be carried out on land and sea, are a "message of peace and friendship to countries of the region," Hajizadeh said on Monday. ...  Asked whether Iranian missiles were a threat to Europe, Hajizadeh told IRNA that while Iran had the technological capacity to build longer-range missiles, the 2,000-km range had been chosen precisely with Israel and U.S. bases in mind.
Haaretz    h/t  Jim Vanne
Update:   "The lack of an Iranian missile threat was a key justification used by the Obama White House to cancel plans in early 2009 to deploy missile-defense radar and ground-based interceptors in Poland and the Czech Republic"      June 30th  Timmerman writing for NewsMax.

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