Monday, 25 July 2011

Businesses quitting to avoid the Greeny Gang.

It's not just Obama and the EPA.  Small business owners are yielding to attack squads from the Greeny Gang of lobbyists, lawyers and legislators:   The comments are heavier than the lead story.

"I see them with tears in their eyes - looking for work - I got a permit to open a coal mine that would employ ... 125 people ... and my only idea today is to go home" (Coal mine operator, Bryant)
"My Dad closed his business  .. six workers .... $25K daily fine over paperwork lawsuit ... now owns nothing ... his only income is now Social Security".
"I worked 422 days straight .... I am not going to hire anyone ... friends were recently sued because they did not give their waitresses ... sufficient uninterrupted break time"
"My parents ... six employees .... until 2 years ago, they paid 100% of the (health insurance)  premium ... premiums went up 600% ... they dropped coverage and instead contribute $500/month"
"We are closing a 20 year medical practice.  Go to the lawyers when you are sick."
David McElroy
"I used to run a software development company that employed 19 people.  I will never do that again".
"I own a small business ... and look forward to the day that I don't."

 David McElroy's webpage (with h/t to Instapundit and Small Dead Animals)
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  1. The comments are quite a litany as well.

    Local question: what are Alpha Truss' experiences with this mindset? Is the regulatory/tax environment anything like what is depicted above?

  2. Backlogged and expensive building permits affected us the most. Permit delays could run four to eight weeks and cost a couple of thousand dollars instead of a few days and a couple hundred dollars. Inspectors stamped drawings to say they weren't responsible for anything wrong on the approved drawings and for anything done wrong that they missed during inspection.
    To top it up, adding HST instead of GST to purchase of a new home is a back breaker.
    $15 to $30 thousand new costs.