Sunday, 17 July 2011

First Nations' governance is bloated and dysfunctional

Blatchford of the National Post writes:
"The competition for seats on the Samson Cree council (a dozen people ran for Chief, 92 for 12 council positions) was surely a sign of a healthy community. I was dead wrong. .. The reason such jobs are so hotly contested is because residents are desperate to get a piece of a highly politicized pie, not to mention the jobs for family members.
The per-capita costs of FN governments are huge, an average $17,000 compared to a per capita cost of $1,800 for all municipalities in the rest of Canada."
A former federal bureaucrat, John Graham, has been on 700-member reserves with a public service of 100. "The degree of dysfunction in First Nations governance" he describes as “unmatched in any other jurisdiction in Canada.” On First Nations, the executive and legislative functions are fused in the Chief and council; there’s no official opposition.

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