Monday, 1 August 2011

China pushing to extend control 360 km from shore.

Chinese warship and 3 helicopters
This story keeps growing.  Strategy Page reviews it here.   360 km is the Economic ExclusionZone which must allow free passage to all ships and permit laying of pipelines and cables.   China has staged a long series of incidents with fishing boats and aircraft to push others out of the EEZ. Expect a challenge involving a warship sometime soon.

Spratley Islands marked with flags of the claiming countries,
on depth--coded map of the South China Sea.

You will want to learn more about the Spratley Islands. "Set amid some of the world's most productive fishing grounds, the islands are believed to have enormous oil and gas reserves.  About 45 of the islands are currently occupied by small numbers of military personnel. China claims them all, but occupies only 8, Vietnam has occupied or marked 25, the Philippines 8, Malaysia 6, and Taiwan one

Added:  Indian naval vessel warned.

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