Sunday, 25 September 2011

Facebook changed September 21 2012.

The best illustrated guide to the changes to Facebook is at Simply Zesty.   Facebook's Zuckerberg wrote users a letter.  The Wall Street Journal hosts a user feedback page.  An at-length review of 8 things users don't like is here.  The commenters are not happy, as the excerpts below show:
While we all have been focused on government information collection, wiretapping, cellphone tracking, security cameras, Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, and wearing tin foil hats to keep the aliens from planting transmitters in our teeth and GPS chips in our feet, Zuckerberg has gotten over a billion people to tell more about themselves than the government ever dreamed of gathering. And he's gotten it all for free - and he's selling it to anything and anyone who will pay him for it.   
Exactly, great point. I mean some mortgage companies are already using facebook to track people down, friend them and post, if they're in foreclosure.
This is not “technology innovation”, it is “technology assault”. 
This is great now i can view your entire life timeline quick and easy and find out where you were born, which schools you went too, where you have lived, where you have worked and family members names and learn everything about you then take that information and get mysefl a birth certificate in your name, open a bank account, take out a mortgage all in your name hehe - if I were a criminal!!!!!!. OR i could just follow your timeline look at your pics and see what days/times you like going out at and go rob your house OR wait until your facebook updates and tells me when you start watching a movie so I can sneak in the bathroom window while your distracted - awesome!.
One of the biggest changes is media related showing what your watching and listening too and facebook WILL use this information to make billions by allowing music/movie/games companies to view it and bombard you with ads - facebook has had is time and i predict there will be a new kid on the block soon and facebook will fade away just like myspace did.

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