Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Media protect their brand from the fall of Barack Hussein Obama.

You noticed the new tone in the MSM press?   The media that were in Obama's pocket for so long smell a loser and are putting distance between themselves and the president to protect their own brand. It's not a change of heart. They're looking for a better bandwagon.

NYT has a piece praising Palin for "crossing the great divide"between the parties.
MSNBC  fact checks the President's speech:  Obama's jobs plan paid for? Seems not.
Salon publicizes Ralph Nader's admiration for Palin's populism.
The Chicago Tribune recommends Obama step down and Hillary step up.
USA Today:  Fact check: The wealthy already pay more taxes
Yahoo reports Three Polls: Everyone's Soured on Obama's Handling of Economy

The pundits too:
Maureen Dowd:  One and Done? - NYTimes.com
David Brooks:  Obama Rejects Obamaism - NYTimes.com  ("I'm a sap")
Frank Rich:  Obama Looked 'Weak,' Amateurish In Speech Flap
Dana Milbank:  The irrelevancy of the Obama presidency
Eugene Robinson:  No Longer Unimaginable

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