Thursday, 29 September 2011

Read Mead: "In God We Trust" is out; "What, Me Worry?" is in.

"In ancient times, the damage to two unique symbols of national identity (The Washington Monument and the National Cathedral) by something as rare as an East Coast earthquake which did little or no damage to more pedestrian and less symbolic structures would have been highly noteworthy.  We would be rending our garments, consulting the Sibylline books and repenting in sackcloth and ashes after so a clear a demonstration of divine wrath.              These days we do nothing at all.  No doubt this is much more progressive and intelligent.  

 “What, Me Worry?” has none of that superstitious claptrap that so annoys the ACLU, and it will look great on the next boatload of low interest government bonds that we ship to our good friends in China".
“In God We Trust” Is Out; “What, Me Worry?” Is In

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