Saturday, 1 October 2011

Woman hears her own voice for the first time in her life. How "Esteem" implant works.

I had some tears seeing her joy turn to tears.  Sometimes we get adjusted too well to living with just a little happiness and think it's our lot.  h/t Hot Air.  29 year old Sloan Churman, deaf from birth, had an "Esteem" hearing aid implanted surgically within her ear and then had it turned on.

This concept bypasses the ear drum and the three little bones.  An external microphone with a tiny processor sends signals directly to the cochlea where sensory hairs respond to the electrical stimulation.  Each hair specializes in a tone.  There's also an implanted battery good for nine years.  This is not for everyone and requires a problem-free inner ear.

A link to the Esteem home page which is oriented to sales.
A technical illustration from the Hearing Device Center. Click thru for additional explanations.

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