Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Gingrich disgrace? Gimme a break. It's about teaching a college course.

Gingrich taught a college course that the kids liked.  The guy he defeated to win his seat joined forces with Democrats to attack him over it.  We're talking about teaching a college course, not stealing Granny's old age pension cheque.  He taught at two small Georgia colleges between 1993 and 1995, funded by a tax-exempt foundation. His enemies say he was spreading a partisan message with exempt dollars.  The students said he was an interesting speaker, knew his material and was open to alternate points of view.  This is what Romney bought TV ads to denounce as a moral failure.  This is what Pelosi said she knew something about that would bar Gingrich from the presidency, until she decided to walk the statement back today.  Gimme a break.
  If our neighbour to the south pulls the lever for Gingrich this fall, this mostly phony disgrace trumpeted by his enemies may help him, not hinder him.

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