Monday, 16 January 2012

PM Harper slips small doses of liberty into the Canadian diet.

After reading with joy that the Wheat Board will have competition, the premiers will be expected to decide for themselves how to spend health monies and that Resources Minister, Joe Oliver, has shone a light on the Greens who spend foreign crony-bucks to make energy projects stop, I am reminded of the kids book, "Gregory, the Terrible Eater".

This  young goat ( a would-be conservative) worried his parents because he wouldn't eat traditional junk food.  They got the idea of sneaking a little junk into his diet and increasing it in tiny steps.  First a bit of old broom and a tin can, then some plastic bottles and so on until he was back on a normal diet.  In Canada, this is working in reverse.  Little steps of respect for freedom of choice have quietly become the norm.

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