Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Siberian referendum to join the US? - Pravda

Pravda reports separatist Siberians want a referendum about joining the United States to get their freedom from Moscow.  From the US side,  Zbigniew Brzezhinski  recently supported the idea of creating a new commonwealth from Vancouver to Vladivostok.  Siberia is almost unsettled, a huge chunk of real estate, loaded with resources that can compete with Canada's.   Moscow is five time zones away beyond the Urals and not well-loved.

Siberia is more likely to become a suburb of China than America and will face Beijing more, and Moscow less over the next thirty years.  Siberia will be to China what Canada is to the US, a small nation supplying industry to the south.
"China invests more in the Russian Far East than our own government does," writes the Moscow newspaper Niezawisimaja Gazieta.  (From Der Spiegel article linked above).
Also this:  China’s Russian Invasion
I think Canada should highlight  economic ties with Vladivostok.

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