Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The West's best hope is Harper's Canada, says Delingpole.

"Of all the great Western nations Canada is probably the only one left still standing up for the values that made the West great. Canada has chosen well for its children."

"Canada may be attracting more flak at the moment is because of its courageous position on Kyoto (it wants to pull out), on fossil fuels (it has lots and wants to exploit them) and on economic growth (controversially among the current crop of Western administrations it considers it to be a desirable thing)."

After praising Joe Oliver's manifesto, Delingpole adds: Prime Minister Stephen Harper said last week: “I ran into several senior Americans, who all said, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll get Keystone done. You can sell all of your oil to us.’ I said, ‘Yeah we’d love to but the problem is now we're on a different track.’

"The battle lines are drawn. On one side are China, Brazil, India, Korea and the other emerging economies whose priority is growth. On the other are the moribund economies of the West – weighed down by regulation, hamstrung by activist pressure groups."

"Canada, by joining the former, has chosen well for its children."

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