Friday, 24 February 2012

The "A" in AGW

AGW partisans remind me of primitive man.   If he got sick, his enemies had bribed the witchdoctor.  If the soil is parched, he must have worn the wrong colours at the barley rain dance.  If a light crosses the sky, it's a god, and the world is run by divine beings whose amorous pursuits are surprisingly like our own. Seeing the world in our image and thinking we have the key role in it is anthropomorphic.

'Anthropomorphic' is the "A" in AGW.  IPCC-branded scientists see themselves at the centre of the story and find ways to amplify the influence of man on climate until life as we know it is hardly sustainable on earth.  The cure, oddly, is to make these same scientists the centre for attention and funding. Let them dance instead to Apollo in the spring, asking him to tone the solar radiation down. This will save taxpayer money.

Of course we have some influence. If you run in one direction, you give the  entire earth a counter nudge in the other direction, just not a very big one.
If only there were some . . . natural explanation for falling and rising temperatures.
Such a hypothetical source of warming would have to be massive, however. On the order of magnitude of our own Sun.  (Ace of Spades commenter).
Scientists prematurely sidelined the behaviour of the principal engine of heat on earth.  We've had climate change before:

Global Temperature

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