Saturday, 25 February 2012

I nearly voted NDP

At seventeen, I was keen to become a voter
so I could support the NDP,
making the world a better place
where the poor get a helping hand,
people aren’t judged by appearances,
love and liberty overcome prejudice,
and war is no more.   

This is a vision of redemption and doesn’t work in politics. 
Algae OilI was a dork.   Even in the Bible, utopia is tucked into the last couple pages as a footnote to history.     The left is no heaven and acquires a goodly share of pond scum.  The plan to perfect human nature by passing laws fails.  

A small dose of common sense and the longish gap between federal elections saved me from this folly. With luck, PM Harper's call for strict quadrennial elections may protect other impressionable youngsters.

When I grow up
I want the world
to be a better place.
The beard, beads and scruffy hair disappeared in a few years and I lend a hand when asked, try to look past first impressions, and generally hunt for a peaceable way through conflict.  This means I like politics but expect no saints.  The doctrine of original sin comes closer to describing the need for politics than anything else. 

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