Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sarc alert: Huffington Post employee sucked into content aggregator

The Onion does it again:
"Witnesses at the Huffington Post's news-aggregation facility have confirmed that employee Henry Evers, 25, died Wednesday after being sucked into the website's powerful news-repurposing turbine while reaching inside to dislodge a particularly thoughtful Christian Science Monitor essay..   The device sucks up original articles from around the web. re-brands them with the Huffington Post name, and spits them back out on the company's home page".
Despite this spoof, there are more publishing pundits than ever and tens of thousands more citizen reporters sending content in from their video cell-phones. In the social media, millions are posting comments on news sites and "liking" people and their plans. On the other hand, newspapers are relying on wire services and aggregators to create the news.  They can rarely hire reporters to check a story from outside the county..
The Huffington Post started using the turbine in earnest when the creation of actual original content was deemed cost-prohibitive.

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