Thursday, 26 April 2012

Election war room comes to Facebook

One click from home on Facebook takes you via the party's war room and dials you into a voter's home for a pep talk.  Only available in the US, pity.  Expect to see more of this as the "Army of Davids" is equipped to make a bigger if not better splash.
Republicans using the application will be able do the work usually reserved for campaign offices simply by logging into Facebook from their personal computers, party officials told CNN in a briefing about the new technology at this week’s RNC meeting in Arizona. …
People who sign up for the application will be able to share news pumped directly into their profiles from the RNC’s communications office in Washington.
From the comfort of your own home
They can fill out and submit absentee ballot applications, see early voting deadlines, donate to the party or inform their friends about upcoming campaign events using Eventbrite – all while never leaving Facebook.
And simply by clicking a button, a user’s phone will ring and automatically re-connect them, via RNC headquarters, to targeted voters in key states.
Priebus said that selected people who have previewed this application say that no one else has anything like it.

(A 70 hr work week has cut back on my posting.)

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