Saturday, 21 April 2012

The ultimate Steyn post: How about we call it 28 bucks even?

The disgraced secret service agent in Cartagena offered the prostitute a mere $28.  "Why isn't this guy Obama’s treasury secretary?  All over this dying republic, you couldn’t find a single solitary $28 item that doesn’t wind up costing at least 800 bucks by the time it’s been sluiced through the federal budgeting process. In one plucky little corner of the Secret Service of the nine agents managed to turn the principles of government procurement on their head. If the same fiscal prudence were applied to the 2011 Obama budget, the $3.598 trillion splurge would have cost just shy of $126 billion. 

America’s foreign creditors will start to figure out that another half decade of U.S. spendaholism and they’re likely to wind up like Dania Suarez: You loan the U.S. government $800 billion, and come the due day the treasury secretary reaches in his pocket and says: “So how about we call it 28 bucks even?”

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