Friday, 2 November 2012

Obama's new BFF: Christie and Bloomberg (as a storm surge of dollars heads for NJ and NY).

Christie praises Obama effusively:  "I cannot thank the President enough for his personal concern and compassion"  This Republican has gone out of his way to praise Obama publicly as he gets special attention (six calls and visits by the President) but before the new promises have been put to the test.  I'm glad he appreciates the help but why not tell Barack personally instead of telling the entire electorate of America?  There's a quid pro quo in there and the quid part is reducing the Republican vote for Romney.

NYT reports Bloomberg backs Obama, citing fallout from the storm.  It's too late to put any of his money in the race but not to late to join the call for six billion in federal relief to cover all of NY's disaster payout.

I'm for a little hypocrisy and in the same position, I'd play up to Obama it if meant my people got help.

It seems the American president didn't do well halting the rise of the seas but he has admirably changed that from a bug to a feature.

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