Thursday, 24 January 2013

Space colony in a bottle.

Mars colony in a bottle?  Take the whole ecosystem with you from earth.  Here's an amazing story of a plant in a bottle that hasn't been fed or watered in forty years.   But it's not just a plant. There's fungus and bacteria and other stuff renewing each other for half a century. The only outside ingredients: light  and heat which the sun can supply for photosynthesis. Not even fresh air has been added.

Still going strong: Pensioner David Latimer from Cranleigh, Surrey, with his bottle garden that was first planted 53 years ago and has not been watered since 1972 - yet continues to thrive in its sealed environment
The pose is comic but the idea isn't.
Add to that a 3D widget printer that reprints worn parts including new widget printers.  All the plans on one memory stick and new parts available by radio from mother earth.

If your star tracker breaks on the way to the moon, just hit Command P.

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