Wednesday, 6 February 2013

News before it happens: Coming War in the Middle East. Updated.

"There will continue to be a Syria, a Lebanon, a Jordan, and an Iraq. But those countries are about to pass through a crucible, a painful test in which their peoples will be sorted by sect; driven from traditional homelands; starved, taxed, or pressed into service by warlords; terrorized by militant Islamists; forced to witness their ancient heritage destroyed by bombs; and live without the rule of law. It will be terrible to watch, and we will not be left unsullied in our watching."

 A sobering review by Lieutenant Colonel Joel Rayburn of the Hoover Institution.  He sees credible markers pointing to war that can draw in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. What we call The Middle East was largely Turkish Arabia before being carved up.  The Nusrah Front (Al Qaeda) may have the funding and ferocity to prevail in Syria over fellow rebels. Who knew that Sunni support from inside Iraq was being matched by Shias from Iraq who go to Syria to defend a religious tomb?  Have you heard much about Iran (Shia) and Al Qaeda (Sunni) wanting to takeover the pilgrim sites of Mecca?  And so it goes.  The news before it happens.

h/t Instapundit.

And from the Canadian Free Press May 8th:  An extended article with the same theme updated.
"We’re rapidly approaching a potential checkmate moment in the Mideast. There are 41 nations plus the U.S., for a total of 42 nations currently participating in military maneuvers off the coast of Iran. Despite all of the saber rattling about Iran, we are being deceived about the coming global battle, which will almost certainly begin in Syria, not Iran".

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