Monday, 24 June 2013

Please, less policy from the American President. As my Mom would say: "You're not coming into the house looking like that!"

Policy plans from the first "Re-set with Russia" to the latest, "Should the US intervene in Syria" can hardly be executed without an able CEO.  Stop trying to change the world, switch to a holding pattern, and hope for a better man or woman in office in 2016.  As Lance Meyer once told me, the first requirement for any plan is a man.  Methods and money will fall in behind the leader.

No matter how keen I was as a kid to get in The House, my mother had the common sense to stop me at the door when my act needed cleaning up.  Sometimes this meant coming in humbly in my skivvies.   President Obama could learn something from her about humility and leaving messes outside the door of the White House.

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