Sunday, 18 August 2013

Does the Middle East need a bloody defeat to catch up to the West?

Glenn Reynolds, Professor of Law
University of Tennesee.
Some lessons are never learned until  our nose is rubbed in them. Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit expands on the horrible idea that maybe the Arabs should be left to spill each others blood while we burn oil and gas we drilled and fracked for ourselves. A proper defeat will open minds to change.
The Middle East was spared most of the bloodshed of the two World Wars and hasn't learned to sober up about calling for Jihad and vainglorious murderous struggles.

Notable comments from the Instapundit story:
-"Use barbarians to fight barbarians" Sun Tzu. (Ob1knob)
-"With regard to that comment about the Arab world missing out on massive bloodshed, recall that a million men died in the Iraq/Iran war of 1979. If that's not bloody enough, I don't know what to say." (Brown Line)
-Link to Spengler "All-out Middle East war as good as it gets"  (DrEvilDoer)
Stalin slaughters Polish officers at Katyn, 1941.

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