Sunday, 17 November 2013

Obama looks like Teflon Jean

Obama looks like Teflon Jean, nothing sticks to him.  "Liar" bounces off.  "Sir, have you no shame?" will sound simply quaint.  "The Chicago Way" is just 'sour grapes' from losers.  At least Chretien had competence and was capable of friendship.

I've puzzled for months how none of the outrage directed at bad politicians seems to stick.  The charges aren't even acknowledged.   I think it's because liars aren't ashamed when principles "depend on circumstances".

Don't waste your breath on another clever way to point the finger.  Someone like Obama verifies his rightness by checking with his inner circle.  If they tell him he is like a god, he has no reason to question his opinions.  Let the heathen rage, or blog, he can ignore them.  To change a man whose beliefs are all situational, you have to change his situation and that means his innermost circle.

Go Alinsky and make it personal. (Rule 12)
Be ungentlemanly.
Plan A is sometimes not enough.

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