Thursday, 26 December 2013

Homo Sapiens is a comic misnomer

"Sapiens" , the Wise One, is a comic misnomer for man.  A glance around Canada and the globe this Christmas season will confirm it.  We used common sense to name other species of hominid but are blindly self-congratulatory choosing our own name.  If there had been an adult around, they might have picked a more distinctive name like The Ape with the Big Dink.  (As Instapundit puts it, attracting chicks can explain why the Sapiens phallus is about double the size of the nearest ape competitor,)  A more modest name that recognizes we have some skills has already been used. Homo Habilis.   Habilis=skilful, suitably nimble

If you wish to pursue the Big Dink topic.  Wikipedia: Penis Size
Source page.

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