Friday, 27 December 2013

New Putin Editorial - Fake but Accurate

Breitbart sucked in its readers with a new Op-Ed editorial from Vladimir Putin.  Unlike the September NYT Op-Ed,  this one's a fake.  But accurate.  Russian satire sounds better than American truth.

Christians are much better off in pro-Russia Syria than in post-American Iraq.
All these years, the Americans have been lecturing us Russians about “human rights” in Chechnya. So it served them right when two Chechyans killed and wounded all those people in Boston; we had tried to warn them about the Tsarnaevs, but of course, the Americans thought they knew best. Here’s what’s best: America and Israel ought to join with Russia to squelch these Islamists.
There’s a deeper point that I wish to make, concerning the fate of nations, and of civilizations. And that point is: You need conservatism, including religion and patriotism, in order to govern. This point is not optional; it’s a necessity.

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