Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Tweedledum and Tweedledee battle over Castro-Obama handshake. Why not?

Tweedledum:  "Just some guy he met at a funeral".
"Kerry suggested that there was no planning or message associated with the handshake and that it was pure happenstance. "Ladies and gentlemen, today is about honoring Nelson Mandela," Kerry said. "The president was at an international funeral with leaders from all over the world. He didn't choose who's there".
Is Barry bowing to Raoul? 
Tuesday’s handshake between Obama and Castro comes after six months of quiet diplomacy between the United States and Cuba—and Castro signaling he’s ready for bigger talks.

Footnote:  What's with handshakes? No precious bodily fluids are lost by the touch, even the touch of an enemy. You can keep up appearances by scowling and being stiff while shaking hands. Part of the gesture is to show you don't hold a weapon in your striking hand. I think the default should be "Shake".  Why not signal you can talk with enemies, consider them to be human though unlovable, and that the guy in front of you is not the personal embodiment of everything evil in the other country's policy?

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