Friday, 6 December 2013

You are 100% vulnerable to hacks. Privacy ain't what it used to be.

This should be a movie.   When journalist lecturer Penenberg's laptop froze, telling him to dial a 312 area number to unlock, and simultaneously his cell phone began vibrating in the middle of a class, he knew he had been hacked.  All his passwords, savings, investments, even the phone numbers of some of his anonymous sources were tracked down.  Oddly, this was the plan.  He had contacted SpiderLabs and challenged them to get into his stuff.  Below is the plan of attack they set out.  You and I are so vulnerable.   Read the original entertaining story here.

This isn't a bad news story, it's a news story, like the discovery of antibiotics or gunpowder.   Privacy is like tribal identity, something that is being redefined.   It's nice living in a small village but cities often offer more.  I love being private but a resilient identity in a large open network can offer more.

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