Friday, 10 January 2014

"A couple of centuries ago, every kid was breastfed and ate organic food. Most of ‘em died".

The title is from Instapundit's link to a repentant anti-vaccine lady.  As she herself says, "I had the healthiest childhood imaginable. And yet I was sick all the time".    Despite her tale of pure green lefty locavore living,  common sense prevails.  Her daughter is vaccinated.

Amy Parker
"I want the anti-vaxxers to see that knowingly exposing your child to illness is cruel. ...
If you think your child’s immune system is strong enough to fight off vaccine-preventable diseases, then it’s strong enough to fight off the tiny amounts of dead or weakened pathogens present in any of the vaccines.
And from before:
I understand, to a point, where the anti-vaccine parents are coming from. Back in the ’90s, when I was a concerned, 19-year-old mother, frightened by the world I was bringing my child into, I was studying homeopathy, herbalism, and aromatherapy; I believed in angels, witchcraft, clairvoyants, crop circles, aliens at Nazca, giant ginger mariners spreading their knowledge to the Aztecs, the Incas, and the Egyptians, and that I was somehow personally blessed by the Holy Spirit with healing abilities".   (Link at Slate).

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