Friday, 28 February 2014

Life on Mars: Bacteria tunnels in the dirt

NASA cut open a Martian meteor and found convincing evidence that bacteria were tunnelling in the glassy dirt.  See picture.   Found in 2000 on the Yamato glacier in the Antarctic, the rock has three dateable events: Formed from lava 1.3 billion years ago, splintered off Mars 12 million years ago and landed on the glacier 50,000 years ago. The curved tunnels and micro-tunnels are consistent with traces left by earthly bacteria in basaltic glasses.    For corroboration, there are also carbon rich nodules which have been found in another Martian meteor, a meteor which was collected right after it's fall was observed.   Source: Science Daily News

A low-level tide of life came and went on Mars before we appeared. That seems to be the scenario. I think life as an outcome is the norm when conditions suit.  It's like seeing a couple kissing and not being too surprised to see babies ten years later.   The potential for DNA devices that walk around and reproduce seems to be baked into the beginnings of the cosmos.  This same week brought the NASA announcement of another 700 planets found in our galaxy.  Stand by for updates.

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