Friday, 21 February 2014

The perfect Canadian light bulb

In Canada,  a good old incandescent bulb wastes no energy at all ten months of the year.
5% brightens your life and the warm 95% cuts your heat bill.  I despise the coalition of mother-knows-best types,  bulb builders switching us to high price merchandise and politicians who love being flattered. They brought us into this mess.  The bulbs that are cheapest to buy, safest to dispose of, quickest to turn on, warmest in colour and, thanks to the accidents of life, often just as long lived as the fancy-dancy twisty-pig-tail ones,  are being forced out.  We are the poorer.

LED and CFL lights are at times the best choice and may someday replace incandescents on merit.   Meanwhile, show voters the respect they are due.  I'll decide how to shine this light of mine.

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