Saturday, 22 March 2014

Hell is still an option

Pope Francis tells mafia mobsters to repent or go to hell.   This will have more impact than a school program to combat bullying.  Address core beliefs to redirect a life.  Kind of old-fashioned.  "Convert" rather than adjust-your-behaviour lays claim to truth.
«Convertitevi. C’è tempo per non finire nell’inferno, che è quello che vi aspetta se non cambiate strada. Avete avuto un papà e una mamma pensate a loro e convertitevi».
He suggested gays not be condemned and was lionized as a gay rights supporter.  He suggested marriages solemnized outside the Catholic church may be recognized and was feted as favouring living together for sex and convenience.  Now what?  Mobsters are almost Christian and he wishes them the best?
From Repubblica

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