Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Privacy update: "It will be a bit like living in a nudist colony".

Aldrich, University of Warwick
 "We will soon have to live in a world with no such thing as privacy and no such thing as secrecy":   Richard Aldrich.(historian of espionage).   This will apply to the privacy of the ballot box, too.
From the article:  We're used to the idea that secret intelligence agencies spy on us, but over the last ten years the big intelligence gatherers have become airlines, banks, internet providers and Tesco -- all of which have more information about us than GCHQ and the NSA put together.
"These organisations are becoming cleverer and cleverer. Cleverer than the CIA; cleverer than the KGB."

And you'll be part of this invasive tide too, as you consider it normal to know what your neighbour's house is worth, who drives that Mustang convertible, and the names and backgrounds of most of the people your smart phone just photographed.

Privacy is going to be expensive, available only to the rich or resolute.
That includes privacy at the ballot box:
In the last US presidential election, the Democratic party software tagged every resident in every neighbourhood in the land with known or guessed voting behaviour, street by street.  This is also Aldrich's theme, that your friendly data gatherers can probably guess accurately how you will vote in the next major election.

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