Monday, 21 July 2014

Extra fingers, extra hands

With a couple extra fingers you could stir coffee or open an envelope with one hand.  MIT researchers have come up with a cuff that adds two powerful fingers to your hand and moves them in sympathy with your five other fingers.  The two doctored digits can hold a jam jar while the rest of them twist off the lid.

I think many people will have enhanced bodies in the near future.  Better, longer-lasting members.  (Sounds sexy).  The rest of us will settle for our DNA recipe and a personalized set of stem cells that will renew our existing organs, keeping heart and skin in perfect health for the first hundred years or so.

The video is somewhat didactic as the Chinese-named undergrad and her Japanese-named supervisor use the gadget in a  Massachusetts lab, but you can see how it could work and seem natural too.

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