Wednesday, 9 July 2014

LA Farmer's Market for Medicinal Marijuana. Lefty pet causes = good.

From Instapundit comes this video link to LA's first ever farmer's market for marijuana.  The lineup was down the street and around the corner for a chance to meet the "growers of their medicine" and an opportunity for growers to get a better dollar.  Apparently many of the growers are patriotic veterans who raise a bit of medicine at home and share with others in need. Admission was restricted to people who had documentation that they could legally purchase pot.  (Yesterday Washington state began allowing pot sales to all and sundry.)  (Related:  Mexican farmers planting less pot thanks to Colorado law)

Leaning libertarian, this doesn't offend me as much as the hysterical blindness the left shows for causes they don't support.  They have an outraged NO and Dirty Tricks for anyone with religious scruples about funding abortion, celebrating homosexuality, or offering votes and immigration to an unpatriotic victim class from afar.

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