Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ghomeshi Meltdown at National Post

Canadian Cincinnatus has already posted on this but a screenshot of seven (count them) front page stories about a rough-sex radio station employee gives you pause.  I wish Conrad Black still owned NP.

Click to enlarge NP screen shot 9am PDST Oct 28

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  1. The night of this drama there was also a meltdown from FB friends.
    Many of them women, who not once questioned the possibility there could be sexual harassment in a work place environment or that a woman/women may have actually been a victim of this celebrity. They could have cared a less about the woman/women so it's really no wonder that these women have remained anonymous.

    It's not all that unusual for a woman (or man in cases) to remain isolated, quiet, walk the walk and talk the talk once abused. It's humiliating. For it to occur in an environment where the power pack is in a position of celebrity, that would very easily shut up a victim.

    Abuse victims in mainstream lives, would shut up and try and escape . Abuse victims of celebrities would shut up and hide.

    I hope those Canadian CBC listeners care enough to process the notion that they should wonder why some females feel like they were violated and abused and are afraid to talk publicly.
    Those listeners/fans, their prejudgement could be the reason.