Saturday, 1 November 2014

A modest proposal for November 5th

Stunned democrat voters won't have the option November 5th of moving to Canada to get away.  That was the Republican refuge.   Venezuela does photo ops with the American left but it's not a great place to set up house.  There is a better way:   The tens of thousands hired to peddle Obamacare and get folks signed up can be repositioned as Grief Counsellors.  They weren't busy anyway.
Waiting to take your call.

"Hit the refresh button every ten minutes".  A former worker at Serco's processing facility in Wentzville, Mo., Lavonne Takatz, said she and other workers played games or slept because there was nothing for them to do. She and other workers said company and government supervisors knew they were being paid to do little or no work at all.

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  1. Good comment Ken! '...and the chickens come home to roost.' About time!