Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Caveman politics

Lefties, Greens, liberals,  Green Peacers, PC, PETA, Occupy types --- a long list of labels is fit for the trash pile.  Stacy McCain has summarized the belief package and calls it Caveman Politics

Women, good; men, bad.
Youth, good; adults, bad.
Atheists, good; Christians, bad.
Hedonism, good; responsibility, bad.
Abortion, good; motherhood, bad.
Sodomy, good; normal sex, bad.
Wilderness, good; carbon energy, bad.
Labor unions, good; entrepreneurs, bad.
Government, good; corporations, bad.
Foreigners, good; Americans, bad.
Democrats, good; Republicans, bad.

Link from Don Surber to McCain's article.
You can add:   Gaia good, mankind bad
                         Non-judgemental, good.  Judgemental and discriminating,bad.
Gay Pride, Toronto July 2014

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