Thursday, 8 January 2015

Cosby Show In Ontario Gets Ovation Or Did It Flop?

From Bourque I learn "Bill Cosby Gets Standing Ovation In Canada".  He's selectively quoting the BBC. From the Daily Mail I learn, "A cynical attempt to restore his good guy image... fails as he's greeted by empty seats, protesters and hecklers".  When observors trained to report get such different stories, is it a surprise that sexual immorality and political misdeeds are often concealed successfully?


  1. I am starting to think that this not all it seems to be. With all the pilling on that seems to be happening right now it starting to remind me of the Paula Deen shit show, in that case a lot of what happened was not FULLY revealed and only the parts that had a negative conotation were used. Is Bill Cosby guilty? I am sure that their is some truth to the asyet un proven allegations but he has as yet to formily charged and convicted.I will wait untill he has his day in court.I think too many people are convicting him in the court of public opinion and thats it. I just wonder if these same people would say and do the same things if it were say....Bill Clinton???? BTW he is now being investigated for alegidly having sex with underaged girls !!!!!!!......Steve O

  2. Follow the money.30 years after the fact,they all suddenly come out of the closet.How in hell can anyone prove something sexual that happened 30 years ago.Any of them get pregnant? How do we know they didn,t start the encounters and now want to screw over Cosby for a few bucks. 1 or 2 I could see maybe,but 30 ,give us a break.No charges have been laid so why not just STFU and leave the guy alone.