Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Marriage length inversely correlated to cost of the Wedding

The bigger the diamond and gold-plated the reception, the less likely the marriage is to endure. That's a takeaway from Francis and Mialon's much-downloaded study of 3000. Of course, the detail is complicated.

Modest expenses and lots of people attending the reception are a big plus.  Low cost and no ring and few people attending, not so good.  Ring over $2000 is a risk factor.  Over $20,000 spent is definitely not a plus for an enduring marriage when the woman is spending it and under $1000 is a plus if the man is spending it.  Going into debt for the big day is quite a stress factor,  not good.  The data is presented in dense tables but the preceding discussion is easier to follow if you download the free paper.

h/t Tax Prof Blog


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