Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Quick take on the Alberta vote.

The NDP didn’t look so bad after Redford did her mini-me version.
The Wildrose option didn’t look so good after its shiny shillings jumped into the PC purse.
The PC didn’t look so good, in love with its perks , the view in the mirror and its divine right to rule.
The NDP put forward Notley with enough character to help conservative voters hold their nose while voting change.

The culture of school teachers and reporters and unions continues its death march towards big government that tells people how to run their lives and scooping off the cream of it before redistributing the milk of it.   It’s winning in Canada, winning in the US and winning in Europe, yet to be bankrupted or even pushed back.

A comment from the Calgary Herald twitter feed: The NDP wont be bringing in a sales tax to pay the bills because they view it as a regressive tax.  In other words, it’s a fair tax that doesn't gouge the rich.
Someone at the CBC live coverage came up with the line that the Alberta Liberal party has been dead for years but this election they found the body.

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