Saturday, 6 June 2015

Using guilt to increase profits : Big Business and the Big Left cluck at us.

Seen at a Save-On-Foods store in BC: All the good price eggs have an alarming messasge: "CAGE EGGS  hens in cages, behaviours restricted".   

Does that remind you of the incandescent light bulbs that are losing shelf space to expensive bulbs from the same manufacturers, bulbs that are better for some things and much worse for others? (Around here I think of $3.69 as a good not-on-sale price for large brown eggs and prices close to $5.00/dozen being common for anything with a fancy green pedigree.)

Pick up a dozen from the Cage Eggs rack if you must but make sure no one is watching you.

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  1. If there is a market then consumers will buy - if not then it is back to mass produced, cheap eggs - I am into mass produced cheap eggs - I don't let my eggs guilt me out -
    but if you want to spend more go for it but don't cry poverty and expect me to be sympathetic - millions of people would be hungry if they followed this logic. Cheers.