Friday, 14 August 2015

Hardball: Barack and Hillary feud plays out in public.

Obama is giving traction to people investigating Clinton's email abuse to bump her from the nomination.  Clinton was hiding stuff from Obama, not from foreigners, on her illegal mail server.

The source for the first: Blood Feud by Edward Klein, the chapter in which Bill Clinton offers to support Obama's second presidential run if Obama will support Hillary Clinton's 2016 run.  It's not a friendly meeting and Obama muses that Michelle might be a candidate.  See also Daily Mail article with the theme: "Government official says Obama is throwing Hillary under the bus to clear presidential campaign path for Joe Biden".

I read the second point about keeping Obama out of her loop somewhere.  Who else would matter to her?  Obviously not the Russians or Chinese since she moved data to low security.   Remember the dictum, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer".  Hillary Clinton was sitting in the "enemies closer" seat and had reason to hide the cards she held.

From linked Breitbart story.
Don't laugh too hard when you read Trump predicts Hillary will drop out and he will be running against Biden.  

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