Monday, 10 August 2015

Left Turn At Fox

Canada Free Press explains FOX Gotchas at the GOP debate.  Five weeks ago, Rupert Murdoch put his two sons in charge of FOX without forewarning Ailes.  James Murdoch has been leading the charge to make FOX "carbon neutral" and his wife worked for the Clinton Foundation.
The talking heads got the message and the wind in their sails points to Hillary Clinton.

(Foley: "The thing that bothers me most about the Kelly-Trump exchange is that Hillary Clinton is now going to accept the invitation–issued by Kelly–to reopen and amplify the “Republicans hate women” narrative.")

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  1. I kinda noticed that something had changed - "fair and balanced" is going to disappear in all the lefty smoke and mirrors ... Will Hillary give her first interview to Fox - will she ask for Kelly - solidarity for the sistas!!!