Friday, 18 September 2015

Down on Low Information Voters? Suck it up.

One adult citizen= one vote
means LIV and HIV types count the same.
This is a rationing solution.
Suck it up unless you have a plan B.
Plan B is to make voters unequal.
You can make a market so voters who want something the most pay the most to get it.  Or make a rule that smart people like yourself should have more votes than conservative retards.  Or use state controlled schools and media to change voters from LIV to approved High Information Voters.

Say "Goodbye" to democracy.

The superior sort of person explains things.
Give me the marketplace of ideas.  Let "high information voters" persuade "low information voters".   We're all ignorant of stuff until we see the point in learning. 
Motivate me.

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  1. I think we should take a page from the Left's policy on Polluter Pays. You should get one "Vote Voucher" for every $100 of taxes you pay. At election time you get as many votes as you have vouchers. That way, Payer Plays :-)