Monday, 7 September 2015

Voting: For Mommy and Daddy or a Voice in Parliament?

Does government stand "in loco parentis", usurping an oversight role we never gave them or is it just doing what we asked for?  My wake-up call came on Saturna Island when I saw this warning sign. Apparently just going for a walk without a babysitter is hazardous.  "Natural Terrain" means "the world the way you find it".

Some time ago I was out walking with nieces who were growing up urban.  When I stepped off the road through some knapweed to a pond, they were aghast, as if I had asked them to join Crocodile Dundee walking on the backs of live alligators.  Lovely young ladies but not prepared to go where the rules didn't go.   Don't blame the politicians for giving us thousand page rule books and a safety net so egregious that it is unlawful to scuff your knee on playground dirt.

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  1. when I grew up in the B.C. bush it was important to get lost...that is how we learned our way back, when I visit my grandkids in New Jersey, the school bus stops directly across from the house ...they will not allow the 8year old to de-bus if a parent or adult family member is not on site to escort the kid home....the coddled youth of the western democracies may not have the mojo to assume the responsibility of passing on the torch of freedom...