Saturday, 17 October 2015

Conrad Black: Time for a Time Out.

He co-founded the National Post to help Conservatives win but says Conservatives failed to renew themselves and deserve time out Tuesday.  

After making the best summary I've seen of the great good done by Stephen Harper at home and away, he follows with a harsh take-down.  The consolation prize is that Justin Trudeau may grow in office. The prize is small.


  1. I am usually in agreement with Conrad Black and find his insights worth noting. However this one takes a roller coaster ride into ludicrous. Do we really want Justin on the world stage with his juvenile point of view - if Putin calls out Obama for having "mush for brains", what level of contempt will he direct to the Dauphin? Sorry Mr. Black, you are dreaming in Technicolor when you say the boy will mature.

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  3. I cannot fathom why conservative writers like Black would let personal antagonisms decide something as important as PM of Canada. It is acceptable to feel the way he does, but mass commentators have a higher standard than ordinary citizens. We witnessed a similar episode in the Ont election when NP writer Tasha Kheiriddin trashed Tim Hudak for purely personal reasons. Such actions have consequences, does Kheiriddin really believe Ont is better off under the Wynne regime?
    Presumably Black still has personal and business equity in Canada, why would he suppose that the same people guiding the Ont economy, would do a stand up job for Canada? Sometimes it is better to vote and just be quiet about it.

  4. I think the one upside (among many downsides) of a Trudeau government is that it could mean the final end of the Liberal Party of Canada. I expect he will screw up so badly, and do so much damage, that the party will be relegated to the status of the Green Party. My greatest fear is that somehow the Liberals actually managed to bribe enough people to give them two terms - in that case I expect it would be the end of Canada, at least as we know it, if not in fact. The biggest question is at what point does a smart person bail, grab their assets and get the h... out. It appears most Greeks left it too late.