Saturday, 7 November 2015

Helmet Hoax in the Nanny State

Bicycle helmets are a fashion statement and otherwise useless.  A Canadian study found one dumb thing and three valuable things you can do to be safe.   Most valuable is to be a woman. You'll have one third (!) the injuries because you generally cycle a bit slower on quieter roads.  Next up is to cycle where cars and bikes have separate paths.  Third is to cycle in bike-dense areas where drivers and cyclists have learned to behave around each other.  (The study covered thousands of injuries per year in various provinces. including BC which has a helmet law.)

You already know the useless one: Wearing a bicycle helmet.  "Helmet legislation was not associated with hospitalisation rates for brain, head, scalp, skull, face or neck injuries" (from the Abstract).

I am fed up with people telling me what to do for my own good and charging me for it. I don't want my money spent on their priorities.  Hopefully these warriors have moved to other battlerfields, wielding the sword against microaggression, scaling the walls between washrooms and defeating free speech near university safe spaces.

People were wearing helmets before the helmet law.  The legislation increased their numbers and complicated lives while taxing individuals $30 to $300 each for a plastic hat from a private company.

Head injuries are serious.  The helmets are not.  If you're a gent, find a lady to cycle with, keep off the busiest roads and enjoy the outing.

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  1. This was the worst PC intervention in the marketplace and many have have followed, with zero results. I will never buy a helmet.

  2. Using data from the US CDC and DOT figures on bike usage and serious head injuries, the odds of a child or adult non-commuter gaining any advantage through helmet use is in the range of being struck by lightning while on the bike.