Sunday, 8 November 2015

Do All Our Leaders Need Attention? Even America's Lovable Carson Has Creepy Self-centred Home

There's the painting of Jesus putting his hand on Ben Carson's shoulder, the ginormous photograph of Ben on the wall, the marble-carved bible quote about humility,  every medal and plaque displayed, and the long photo walls of Ben with somebodies.  Carson is genuinely warm but it's creepy.  Are only giant egos, narcissists, and the attention-starved going to run for high public office?  More at the Guardian where the photos are posted

Is there always "Love of Attention"?  In Canada, our new leader wants so much to be liked that he can't speak in public without futzing every statement to see if you are going to like it before cautiously making the point.


  1. Brings to mind the adage (quote?) "If you want peace in your town, hire the baddest man to be sheriff – celebrate his battles against crime, pay him well and display his picture everywhere, for it is triumph, avarice and vanity that motivates the boldest of men." Also, didn't our recent federal election demonstrate that celebrity posturing trumps decency and competency? (No impuning of Trump implied -- I hope he wins and kicks some donkey behinds.)

  2. So Dr Carson has chosen to display his - no doubt much deserved - rewards on a wall in his house. What's he supposed to do with them? Spouse received a surprise award for volunteer work which is still - several years later - in a place of pride in our home. And as for the picture with Jesus, Dr Carson is acknowledging this dependence on - and his gratitude to - his Saviour.