Saturday, 5 December 2015

Ban Guns For Lefty Enclaves

In Canada, cities vote to the left of the countryside and cities with seats of government even more so.  (Edmonton vs Calgary,  Saskatoon vs Regina, Quebec City vs Montreal).   I've been slow to accept that left wing politics and responsible gun ownership are in opposition and that it's safer to live among citizens, some of who are armed as they go about their affairs, than it is to live among shrill gun control advocates.  Who in their right mind thinks the ownership of all violence should pass into the hands of the people who won voting contests and the public service unions?


Obviously there's more to understand.
The source site has some interesting links.
Instead of "Democrat", you can say cities have more shootings than the countryside
but most major cities have been run by Democrats for decades.
"Gun Free Zones" are the preferred slaughter zones.

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