Monday, 28 December 2015

Good News: Christmas Can Be A Feminist Holiday.

The Virgin Mary exercised her free will without a word from Joseph and helped rescue the human race. This unusual, but sound, take on Christian doctrine comes from W.R. Mead.   Why aren't feminists saying Hail Mary, Full of Grace, instead of favouring the anti-Christian team?
"  Mary was the free agent whose choice opened the door for us all. At this critical moment in world history, she didn’t act with a man or through a man. She didn’t stand by her man; she wasn’t a ‘helpmeet.’ Joseph is the helpmeet in the gospel story.
   The free choice of a strong and faithful woman opened the door to salvation for the whole human race. Jesus is unique, and women are free and equal in God’s sight: that is what we should take away from this story."

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